Coupon Keeper 2 App Reviews

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Awesome app

I have been clipping coupons for years and carrying a binder for the same amount of time! This app made it possible to only have to clip the coupons I need, when I need them! The ability to scan an item and find my matching coupons is great! No more bulky binder! Saves me so much time

Get it

You are gonna love it,I found this app thanks to a blog, I was looking for something like this for a long time and when I started using the app I was happy to see how easy is to use and to know all the coupons that I have with me, and remainds me when they are going to expire if you are an active couponer you should get it :-)

Ripped off

I recently upgraded Coupon Keeper Lite. After doing so I noticed in the App Store that there was a Coupon Keeper 2. I was excited because I thought that it might fix some of the bugs in Coupon Keeper such as not recognizing all of the expirations on scanned coupons. So I downloaded Coupon Keeper 2 thinking it was another upgrade. It was not. Upgrading Coupon Keeper Lite had already upgraded me to Coupon Keeper 2. So now I have been charged $12.99 twice for the same app. And the creators of Coupon Keeper 2 refuse to refund my money. After this I guess its a formal complaint straight to Apple. Give me back my money!!!!


I love this app. Whenever Im at a store and Im not sure if I have a coupon for something this app is so handy.

Great product

I love this coupon organizer and use it every week. No problems.

Can I give 10 stars?!

Everything I wanted and more. Worth every.single.penny I paid. At any given time I have hundreds of coupons (and multiple copies), it is wonderful to finally have a way to quickly check what I have versus flipping back and forth in my binder! I can batch add the weekly inserts which allows me full access to the list of coupons in each insert and all I have to do is select which ones I received and how many. On rare occasion I have to add one in. Printed coupons can be added as well by scanning the barcode! NOTE: This app does NOT replace paper coupons! It is simply a method of organizing them for your reference! I recommend to EVERYONE who coupons!

Excellent App!!!!! A+++++++

Bought this app tonight and I am loving being able to scan all of my coupons in, instead of having to type them all in manually. Thank you for creating this awesome app.

I love this app,

I dont have time to run around and guess if I have a coupon and fuss with spreadsheets. This is easy and convenient. I would like to see more Canadian coupons recognized to make the process faster. I have told everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter how much they need this, @NS_SavingsGuru endorses this app!

Great App for Extreme Couponers

This app allows me to know what coupons I have quickly and easily. I love the search feature! It helps me quickly compare my coupons to the specials that week. Also very easy to add Coupons, Just Scan, Review, and Add. The Best app for Coupons around!

Awesome app!

I wish I would have found this app sooner! Saves so much time! And beats manually typing your coupons in spread sheet. Love it!

Wonderful app with update

I got this app a number of months ago. Loved the idea hated that the photo scan did not work well for me. I manually put every coupon in. After awhile I just stopped using it. It took so much time to input every coupon by hand. I decided to go back and try again 3 or so months later and found an update that has made a wold of difference. I still can not use the photo scanner however being able to just manually put in the bar code to pull the coupon info has been AMAZING. Not having to input all coupon details by hand Has made this app worth using. I am back to using this app and really enjoy it.

Really helps you know what you have

My coupons are in a binder style set up but it was hard to remember what I had and when it expires. This is a great app for this. I love the scan feature. The only tricky part is it is unclear to me where I click to open and understand my alerts.

Great Apps

Great apps to organize Great tool to combine with the paper coupons holder. Easy to find coupons when u at the store.

Great Organizer

Love this app! The only downfall I have found is when I have changed phones, I have to reload all of my coupons. Besides that it saves me lots of time when Im in the stores or when planning a trip.


Love this app!

I like it, but...

A cool app, but with that said, no one tells you that if you are changing your Phones, plain backup DOESNT WORK. I have lost over 1,800 images/coupons that took me over 8 days to scan, check info, etc. I dont even know if I will ever have enough time to do that. I dont understand why app creators could not have it backed up to iCloud or something similar.

Love this App!

I use it all the time and it has helped me to organize my coupons better than ever before! Cant say enough great things about it!!

Great for Keeping Track of Coupons

Excellent app for organizing coupons. Use it when shopping to know which products I have coupons for. Being able to enter coupon with the scanner is what make this app truly awesome.

Couponers best friend!

This app is ahhhmazing! It organizes everything. It even sends you a notification if one of your coupons is about to expire. This app will help with the "hold on, I think I have a coupon for that.." Dilemma. No more going through hundreds of coupons to find one. This app can also cut down on clipping time because it lists the insert and date so you can organize your binder accordingly and clip as you go.


Love love love it. Makes couponing so much easier. Thanks!!

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